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To recap, constraints on these resources shaped Ether Calc's architecture directions: We started with a Web Socket server implemented in Perl 5, backed by Feersum, a libev-based non-blocking web server developed at Socialtext.

Feersum is very fast, capable of handling over 10k requests per second on a single CPU.

After every 100 commands sent to a room, the server will poll the states from each active client, and save the latest snapshot it receives next to the backlog.

A freshly joined client receives the snapshot along with new commands entered after the snapshot was taken, so it only needs to replay 99 commands at most.

The initial rewrite went smoothly, because both Feersum and are based on the same libev event model, and's API matches closely.

It took us only an afternoon to code up a functionally equivalent server in just 80 lines of code, thanks to the concise API offered by Zappa JS.

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Spreadsheets are long-lived documents, and a collaborative session can accumulate thousands of modifications over weeks of editing.If a client drops and reconnects, it can resume by asking for a log of all requests since it was disconnected, then replay those commands locally to get to the same state as its peers.As we described in the AOSA chapter, this simple design minimized server-side CPU and RAM requirements, and demonstrates reasonable resiliency against network failure.The in-browser Social Calc engine is written in Java Script.We considered translating that logic into Perl, but that carries the steep cost of maintaining two codebases going forward.

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