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The third, in a forest, was obtained by Starscream when he rendered Smokescreen out-cold.

Optimus and Soundwave both decoded the last set of coordinates, only to find they were an image of Smokescreen, whom the Decepticons soon captured.

Navigate to the following registry key: If you do not see the Personalization key, right-click the Windows key above it, point to New, and create a key named Personalization.

Right-click in the right pane and create a new DWORD value named No Lock Screen.

Knock Out used the phase shifter to extract the Omega Key from Smokescreen, but the Autobot was able to get the shifter back and steal both of the keys possessed by the Decepticons.

He returned them to the Autobot base, but a short time later Starscream executed a plan, enabling him to swipe the three Omega Keys from the Autobot's store.

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If you want the lock screen back later, just double-click the Enable Lock file.

Despite the destruction of the Star Saber, Optimus was able to take back the Omega Key with Smokescreen's help.

A second Omega Key was found near a lake, and Knock Out managed to snatch it while keeping Arcee and Bumblebee at bay with the Resonance Blaster.

Windows 8 or 10’s lock screen is at home on a tablet, but it just adds an additional key press to the login process on a desktop or laptop.

You can disable the lock screen with a quick registry hack.

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