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Located on the right bank of the Mure River was first mentioned in 1440 and today is part of the town of Lipova (Lippa) on the other side of the river.

The first Franciscan monks had been called into Lipova by King Karl Robert of Anjou already in 1325/27.

At least since 1626 Franciscans also lived in Radna.

The pilgrimage church Maria Radna dates back to the 18th century.

Filials of Ittebe, Johannisfeld, Ujwar etc and especially the elusive locality of Kiss Maria are included.

In 1952 the monastery was transformed into a home for elderly and handicapped people.

Today several Franciscans live in the monastery again. In 1992 the church received the status of a Basilica minor by Pope John Paul II.

Order from AVBF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft fr Verffentlichung Banater Familienbcher).

In Europe, order CD from Philipp Lung; in the US: David Dreyer Radna, probably Romania's most important Catholic pilgrimage destination.

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