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First, get the guid of the Office 365 group that was used for address book filtering: Guids will be displayed in the left column. Substitute “GUID” with the actual GUID, you don’t need to use single or double quotes around the GUID for this to work.

This command grabs object IDs of all members of our test group, gets their associated mailboxes, and pipes them into commandlet that assigns the new address book policy.

Group membership-based address lists and global address lists rely on Member Of attribute filtering.

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You can make it work for Outlook 2010 clients without using Exchange 2010, but Cached Mode support is an Exchange 2010 Outlook 2010 feature.

This makes it possible to lock down any given user to viewing contact details only of the employees they are supposed to see, creating an impression that the user is in a different Exchange / Office 365 organization. It was possible to do this in on-prem Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007, and even as far back as Exchange 2003.

But it is a somewhat new concept in Exchange Online and Office 365, and there isn’t a great deal of information on it out there yet.

Address List role does exist in Exchange Online but by default it is not assigned to grant GAL/address book management permissions to anyone.

This step could be done on one of your ADFS farm servers that has Windows Azure Active Directory Power Shell (WAAD Posh) installed.

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