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Your goal is to return the database to normal operation by restoring the damaged files from RMAN backups and recovering all database changes.

, the window of potential data loss that exists between successive archived log backups can be substantially reduced.

This chapter assumes that some or all of your data files are lost or damaged.

Typically, this situation is caused by a media failure or accidental deletion.

The database shuts down immediately when any of the multiplexed control files become inaccessible.Could someone please advise on how I can make it pick up the ONLY first transaction for that user on each day without losing the time part of the field.Example of what I would like my result to look like when filtering User Id '11111' is below: **USer ID, Event Time 11111, 2012-06-19 11111, 2012-06-19 11111, 2012-06-19 11111, 2012-06-18 11111, 2012-06-18 11111, 2012-06-17 11111, 2012-06-17 11111, 2012-06-16 11111, 2012-06-16 Resulting Query should show one daily transaction of only the earliest record 11111, 2012-06-19 11111, 2012-06-18 11111, 2012-06-17 11111, 2012-06-16 Hi, I have checked you query and it's working fine. In your database which data type you have taken date or datetime.As the redo stream is received, it is stored as a complete RMAN archived redo log.If the target database crashes, the redo data received from the current redo log group, until the time of the crash, is used during restore and recovery operations.

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